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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Cartoon 9--Buffy's parents

Buffy's parents-Jan & Dave Posted by Hello
Look, Hun! A car lot!
Let's go and smell the plastic!


Marigoldie said...

Janice! These are awesome. I am so glad I came over to this site. Do you publish your cartoons? Being a cartoonist is one of my dream professions. Anyway, great stuff. Keep it up.

Janice said...

Hi Marigoldie,

Your my first visiter to this sight!

Thank you for your wonderful commment!

And alas no I haven't publish any of them, though I had sent a few out a l-o-n-g time ago. And was REJECTED!

Aw well! My had wanted to be a cartooist too, but now my hands give me too many problems. So I only cartoon when my hands feel up to it.

I've been thinking of doing some more to add to this sight.