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Danny Kaye~

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Cartoon 21--The Hard Sale on the Nightmareroom to Buffy's Parents.

This spacious room is a childs room, as you can see the daughter worships the Devil.
But don't be conserned--a little scub, and some nice paint, some holy water and a Preist and it'll be just fine!
And it would be such a lovely room for your son, or daughter, or even your baby.

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Misque Writer said...

Lol. This actually happened to my mom and dad when I was just a baby. They moved into a tiny one-bedroom house. The previous tenants had painted all the walls black and turned all the lights -- shaped like artificial candlesticks -- upside down. My mom claimed it had a creepy vibe. It took 15 layers of primer to turn the walls white again. When the postman came the first week they were there, he saw my mom on the front porch, with a baby in her arms, and said, "Oh, thank goodness -- a normal family!"

Janice said...

Hi Misque,

Thank you for interesting story. Wow, I wonder what that wierd family do to the post man?